Post-Game/Practice Baseball Training

Had a few old baseball teammates/guys I coached ask about post-game/practice training that I would recommend.  In the two years that I played in Europe/Australia after college, I never stretched, did cardio, abs, foam rolled, etc.  Rather, the plan was always to: perform simple movements with minimal/no equipment and with game-like intent add as much strength-endurance as… Read More Post-Game/Practice Baseball Training

Most Common Areas of Muscular Dysfunction (Leading to Injury)

If we’re honoring the principles/beliefs that: everything in the body is connected all injuries are caused by the body’s inability to absorb force an injury can “end” in a different area than it “starts” …then it’s fair to say that a training/movement program that build a huge foundation of strength in/around the following three areas should… Read More Most Common Areas of Muscular Dysfunction (Leading to Injury)