You probably don’t want read a long story and I’m not interested in self-promoting.  Here are some chronologically ordered bullet points about me:

  • 4-year NCAA Student-Athlete at Wofford College (Southern Conference, D1, baseball)
  • Managed two baseball training academies for three years while performing 25+ hours/week of instruction after graduating with a B.A. in Business Economics (where I noticed bad health trends in youth athletes/humans being reinforced by their parents)
  • Introduced to Chiropractic (coupled with a form of training that helped address root causes of injury/dysfunction) two years after a weight room injury during my senior year of college’s pre-season (pars fracture/spondylolisthesis at L5). Cleaned up other areas of my life in the process.
  • Fully-healthy, played four consecutive baseball seasons in Europe/Australia, pain and injury-free while performing at a higher physical level than prior to the injury
  • Began studying at Life Chiropractic College West after “retiring” from international baseball (a.k.a. broke and moving back in with the parents at age 27)