Distance Running: A Sport or Training?

“Slow, paced distance running is a sport, not training.  Wreaks havoc on the body if it’s relied upon solely as a form of training or “staying fit”, as it requires large amounts of dietary carbohydrates (sugar) and decreases efficient fat metabolism… ironic as it’s part of the reason why people “jog” (soft J) in the first place.  Also increases inflammation in the system and raises the stress hormone cortisol.

If you are training for the actual sport of cross country or long-distance running (anything with a pace), or you just feel compelled to run for some reason, my recommendation/approach wouldn’t change much in regards to preparation compared to other activities – clear the CNS of interference through chiropractic care, eat real food (and tons of fats), then train the body to absorb force.  Then, to meet the demands of the sport, the approach would then be to additionally train the body to repeatedly absorb the force of your body weight landing roughly 1500-2000 times per mile run (roughly the amount of strides).  Strength and adaptability is everything.  10,000x safer approach to health and long-term wellness.  Will cut down the amount of “road work” done in training, improve recovery, and, well, keep you from being bored the whole time that you’re running.  Just a thought…. Also, wanted a rant to accompany a hilarious cartoon.  Lol.”

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Additional Reading:

A Case Against Cardio (from a Former Mileage King)


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