About Me

In the fall of 2016, I moved across country from my hometown of Boston to California to start Chiropractic college. Like every big decision, a lot of factors lead to starting this process.

At the end of my college athletics career, I had suffered a back injury that made me feel a lot older than 22. After many visits to specialists, PT’s, and chiropractors, I met a student finishing chiropractic college in the fall of 2011 through my best friend from college, and how he spoke about health and life was different than what I had heard from any other doctor, coach, or trainer that I had ever been around – he spoke about how health was completely my choice, that I had to get to the source of any problem, that Chiropractic was about connecting the brain and the body (rather than back/neck pain), and that healthcare shouldn’t be about restoring you to what you were pre-illness/injury, but helping you get to a higher level of health and adaptability than you’ve ever before.

Two years later, I got under care with him at his school’s health center. Aside from regular visits, I followed a training program from him religiously. He was a great teacher and I’m still in touch with him regularly (follow him at @DrTommyJohn on Instagram).

In about two months, I felt like I had a brand new body. I started to push the limits with what I could do physically and realized I was at a higher level than I even was before the injury.  More importantly, this was a catalyst for me to make a lot of positive changes – eating a diet of more “real” foods, meditating, dealing with stresses more constructively.

The next spring, I decided that I was going to enroll in Chiropractic school that fall, and leave the company that I had worked with for close to three years, managing baseball training academies as well as coaching.

By chance, I got an offer to player/coach a team in Europe, which I decided to take. Why not, right? That offer turned into me playing for two years and four seasons consecutive between Europe and Australia, chasing summers and living the dream. I felt like I reached my genetic potential, and decided I could turn the page on that chapter in my life.

I hung up the spikes in the spring of 2016, and (as the story started) enrolled in school that fall. While at school, I’ve helped classmates (and others outside of school) through programs that are on this site.  I’ve been amazed by how easy it has been to replicate the results (given proper diet, nourishment, rest, etc.)

What I will share on this site is simply what has allowed me to express life and function at a higher level.  And, perhaps most importantly, everything here is something that can be done by almost anyone, anywhere, without many resources or guidance.

I hope you find something here that can help you in your day-to-day life!


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