Post-Game/Practice Baseball Training

Had a few old baseball teammates/guys I coached ask about post-game/practice training that I would recommend.  In the two years that I played in Europe/Australia after college, I never stretched, did cardio, abs, foam rolled, etc.  Rather, the plan was always to:

  • perform simple movements with minimal/no equipment and with game-like intent
  • add as much strength-endurance as possible at the greatest muscle length possible (since a muscle will try to shorten when it fatigues)
  • train to balance both sides of the body after performing high volume one-sided actions (like throwing and swinging)

On top of the training that I was performing every day in the AM (which sometimes meant as late as 2-3pm), I would perform the following, in order, in about 20 minutes, either in a clubhouse setting or in the outfield/bullpen.

I can probably count the days that I missed in four seasons on both of my hands.  Maybe it was compulsive, but I hung my hat on a few things.  First, complexity is the enemy.  The body responds to simple things performed with intent and consistency.  On top of that, if I was more sore or tired after a particularly long practice or if I had thrown/pitched, I would add more shoulder work (Statue of Liberty’sFront Delt ReboundsLateral Delt Rebounds, to name a few), not subtract.  If we choose to perform a sport, then we have to train at a level that is above anything that we would experience in that endeavor.  In this case, that’s getting strong as hell so you can perform the task of throwing 200+ throws, 200+ swings, etc., multiple days per week, for months at a time, and do it safely while getting stronger throughout the season.

Just a few things to keep in mind.

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