Spinal Health: The 5-Minute Daily Exercise That Saved My Baseball Career

 The “actor” above is a good friend/mentor of mine, Dr. Tommy John (@DrTommyJohn on IG), a principled Doctor of Chiropractic based in San Diego. Follow him for a few daily doses of truth and introspection.

Most people can pinpoint their successes and accomplishments to commitment to a few principles or core beliefs.  For me, “accomplishment” was in the form of regaining physical health, and much of it was the faith that my training was principled and restorative in nature.  Once I started to re-educate myself, I knew that I would need to balance both sides of my body to play a predominantly one-sided sport (I hit and throw right-handed), an area where my former training programs had fallen short and failed to address.

A very simple (but not easy) set of staple exercises done consistently with game-like focus and intent gave me the strength-endurance to eventually practice my skill as much as I wanted and to recover for the following day’s game (or training session).  I began to have a more intimate knowledge of what my body would feel like on a given day, when to hit the gas or the brakes in terms of changing volume, etc., but this was a process that took time, thought, reflection, and modifications.

The video above is a movement that I’d complete after every game or practice for the four seasons that I played internationally and at the end of most training sessions at home or in a gym-setting. Bare minimum was 300 repetitions on each side done in under 5 minutes.  The cross-crawl pattern is one of the first movement patterns we learn as kids when we learn to crawl with the right arm/left leg, left arm/right leg patterning, before progressing to walking, then running with the same pattern… Somewhere in human history, though, we’ve gotten wildly off-track and are started to forget our simplest programming due to a sedentary lifestyle, value systems, etc.

When done properly, CC Supermans will “work” every muscle in the posterior chain and build an insane amount of strength-endurance, but more importantly it is neurologically demanding in that it requires you to remember the cross-crawl pattern in firing the opposite arm and leg in proper sequence.  If I could do only have one movement/exercise each day (or recommend somewhere to start from), 5 minutes of these build the greatest foundation of strength endurance and address the most common problem-areas that affect most athletes (or, you know, humans).

Don’t overthink it.


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