Book Club: City of Thieves by David Benioff

“Talent must be a fanatical mistress. She’s beautiful; when you’re with her, people watch you, they notice. But she bangs on your door at odd hours, and she disappears for long stretches, and she has no patience for the rest of your existence; your wife, your children, your friends. She is the most thrilling evening of your week, but some day she will leave you for good. One night, after she’s been gone for years, you will see her on the arm of a younger man, and she will pretend not to recognize you.”

My favorite historical fiction novel of all-time.  Set in WWII Leningrad, it’s a coming-of-age novel of two young men who are arrested and set to be executed unless they can find a dozen eggs for a Soviet colonel’s daughter’s wedding cake.  If you’re an absurdist, historian, or just want to learn new strings of vulgarities, this book will tug at your heart strings.  I never got into Game of Thrones on HBO, but David Benioff is the co-creator of the TV show (so there’s that).

It’s also worth noting that I’m barely literate and I finished it in just under two days…  I hope to high hell that it’s not a shitty movie someday.

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