Principle Six Performance & Healing

Above-down inside-out healing (and performance), on the body's time 🕑 Good thoughts, low stress, belief, simplicity, intent, connection, real food, movement/training, breath, outdoors, sleep/naps (plus other stuff that might not relate at all)… Don't overthink it #ClearedSpineClearedMind

Let’s Begin Now


“Show them what you’ve got, old timer”

I still don’t know what this is.

The following became a jumping off point, a list, an incomplete musing and evolving mind-dump… maybe even just rambling at times. I have a few points to try to make (in no particular order), ideas to try to diffuse, and most of them aren’t mine. My (attempts at) humor may be dry and crude at times, but I’ve observed, tested, and tried to trust my instincts to only share what is worth sharing, “the goods”, and most points start a dialogue; questions start being asked. (Unrelated, but I just properly used a semi-colon). 

A rough three-quarters is what I’ve realized as principles of human performance, healing, growth, intentional change, development, or whatever buzzword turns you on. And, as it has turned into, one-quarter is barstool wisdom.

There are things to click on. Training programs, blog posts, maybe even videos. Ponder it all. Critique. Prove it right or wrong. Have fun. You’ve got this. Be better.

Here’s a list of my most salient points:

  1. Nervous system controls every process in the body. Good Chiropractic care is badass, life-changing, and helps keep the body’s innate communication with itself free of interference.
  2. Listen to your body, not to anyone else.  Health is up to the patient, not the doctor.
  3. Nothing external will ever heal
  4. Do the basics, very well, every day, and with intent
  5. Good thoughts, low stress, belief, human connection, real food, movement, breath, sleep/naps, and Vitamin D is what the doctor should order 95-99% of the time
  6. Training must stimulate physiology, intellect, psychology, emotion, and spirit
  7. All injuries are caused by the body’s inability to absorb force
  8. The level of disturbance put into your body to heal an injury has to be greater than the level of disturbance which caused the injury

Here’s a more exhaustive supplementary list, for no particular reason:

  1. You have permission to think
  2. Don’t overthink
  3. You’ve got this
  4. Train at the same emotional level at which you compete/express life, or else training becomes a completely separate (and almost useless) entity
  5. Strength is the limiting factor in all movements
  6. When strength increases, skill increases (without training it). Real training makes you better at everything.
  7. You still use what you learned in Kindergarten every day.  Same applies to how we learned to move as infants.  5-year-olds move better than almost every adult, and everyday movement/training should try to re-create this.
  8. Don’t confuse body type with effective training
  9. The healthiest populations in the world don’t have gym memberships or trainers. You don’t have to have one either.
  10. Ignoring pain in the short-term compounds its effect in the long-term (physically and emotionally)
  11. Being vague is useless
  12. Self-discipline trumps motivation
  13. Stop taking everything so damn seriously
  14. The ball don’t lie
  15. When torn being doing and not doing; do
  16. When unsure of how to use or not to use a semi-colon; use
  17. If sick; fast.  If panicked; breathe.  If sore; move.
  18. Fatty McGee likes the stairs. Why? They’re fun.
  19. If you are healthy, on your feet 8-12 hours/day doing labor/housework, eat real food, get natural sunlight, breathe through your nose, sleep 7-9 hours each night and take short naps during the day, experience real human connection every day, are generally positive, happy, and not stressed, and enjoy a fulfilling sex life, you can probably discard most of this list because you’re already doing it
  20. The body will always adapt and is created to survive
  21. There’s always a way through, around, under, or over
  22. Messed up? Own it
  23. Best youth athletic training program: play outside until dark, climb stuff, fall down, throw out iPad
  24. Be process-oriented, not result-oriented
  25. A 6-pack isn’t health
  26. You are stronger than you think (unless you aren’t)
  27. Constant, small improvements
  28. Physical training is just a substitute for lots of natural movement
  29. You are designed to move every single day of your life
  30. You can train every day (refer to the previous two)
  31. Every day is leg day (refer to the previous three)
  32. There is no magic bullet
  33. Don’t say no to everything
  34. Don’t be a mouth-breather
  35. What?
  36. F*ck shoes
  37. Stretching doesn’t make sense
  38. Slow, long-distance running (for training) doesn’t make sense
  39. 3 sets of 12 doesn’t make sense
  40. Sports aren’t training
  41. Real training is restorative by nature
  42. Effective training increases one’s ability to adapt.  Period.
  43. “A man is as young as his spine”
  44. Care about what the right people think
  45. Walk a lot
  46. Stand the majority of your waking day
  47. Subtract to add
  48. Trust yourself
  49. Ask “why” 5 times and seek root causes
  50. Eat a lot of good fats.  Eating fat doesn’t make you fat.
  51. Don’t spend $300 month on sports lessons for your kid and then feed him/her sh*tty beef and eggs
  52. Being good at a sport doesn’t make someone a good athlete
  53. Move like a baby
  54. Belly-breathe
  55. “There’s rarely a situation a pretty woman can’t fix”
  56. Coffee doesn’t dehydrate you
  57. Modern food is made for shelf life, not nutrition
  58. Cook 90% of your own meals from scratch
  59. Snake oil probably works better than anything at GNC
  60. Don’t trust someone’s Instagram page
  61. Only dead fish go with the flow
  62. Big Pharma kinda needs you to think you’re sick
  63. Insurance companies don’t understand the healing process
  64. You might be on a watch list if you are still reading this
  65. Unplug
  66. Write a postcard
  67. Attention is your most valuable resource
  68. Adult horseplay is encouraged
  69. Ha
  70. Try stuff before you bash it
  71. For the love of god, don’t be a one-upper
  72. If you want to throw gas, you can’t train like ass
  73. Stronger shoulders, not lighter loads
  74. Don’t trust words, even question actions, but never doubt patterns
  75. Help the underdog
  76. Deduce
  77. Hamstrings
  78. You win some, you win some by less
  79. Agility ladder makes you better at agility ladder. Throwing weighted baseballs makes you better at throwing weighted baseballs. Don’t mess with the skill and try to call it training. Get stronger and you’ll get better at everything, and keep training the skill.
  80. Sometimes you have to punch dance your anger out in the woods
  81. Read books
  82. You’ll fall to the level of your training, not rise to the level of your dreams
  83. Don’t trust any of this; research it
  84. Research is a liar sometimes
  85. How you do anything is how you do everything
  86. You aren’t going to pass out and die during a 24-hour fast
  87. Calm is contagious
  88. Your body doesn’t care about your salary
  89. Hide a $20 in one pocket of every jacket you own
  90. Bring two Halloween costumes in case you strike out with the hottest person at the party
  91. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and 60% of the ones that you do
  92. Don’t jaywalk
  93. Buckle up
  94. If you’re a bird, I’m a bird
  95. The answer is always “no” if you don’t ask (still usually a no-go…)
  96. Everything works (until it doesn’t)
  97. When creating a blog: be the resource you wish you had
  98. Pay your dues
  99. Question any process that requires your money
  100. Put your cart back at the supermarket, dude
  101. Don’t be a hero
  102. Double-tap
  103. Drugs are bad, m’kay
  104. “Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever” -Shane “Footsteps” Falco
  105. Scorn the path of least resistance

Please review the following: You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in these movements or in these exercise programs, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Principle Six from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown.